Why You Should Still Utilize Instagram Live In 2018

Why You Should Still Utilize Instagram Live In 2018

March 01, 2018

Why You Should Still Utilize Instagram Live In 2018

It seems that people love livestreaming so much that you can’t escape from it. YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are just a few of the platforms that offer live streaming to their users, but for Instagram specifically, it’s interesting to see how it’s 500 million daily active user base takes to new features like this. One possibility is that it would just seem tacked on and not really make much of a splash, and the other possibility is that it could turn into a amazing tool for all users to enjoy. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems to be the latter, which is only good news for Instagram.

At the same time, the high rate of usage for Instagram’s live streaming, which is additional functionality to it’s “Stories” feature that is similar to Snapchat’s quick film and share video format, is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to grow their presence online. But as you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if Instagram Live Stories is something that you should integrate into your own brand’s marketing campaign right? Well the good news is, your friendly-neighborhood marketing experts from Adwizar are here to outline some of the main reasons you should be utilizing Instagram Live in 2018.

Maintaining A Personal Connection With Your Audience

When it comes to maintaining a connection with your audience, there’s almost nothing that provides the same kind of experience as a live stream would. Carefully crafted posts with beautiful imagery on your main Instagram feed may attract some great engagement with likes and comments, but being in the audience and knowing that there is someone on the other end of a brand or business that they follow adds a human element to the whole equation. A previously faceless brand suddenly becomes a person broadcasting live, becoming more relatable and approachable at the same time. By adding in live streaming to your Instagram strategy, your are making a deper, personal connection with your audience.

Perfect For Quick Updates Or Entertaining Broadcast

Instagram live is the perfect tool to use for those updates that seem a bit too small to be put into their own dedicated post. Maybe you just hit a benchmark of followers, sales, or even celebrated the anniversary of your company. Taking to your live stream and giving a quick shout out to those who supported you or sharing your own excitement is the kind of stuff that this tool was made for, and it will give your audience a quick piece of entertaining content they can interact with.

The Feeling Of Exclusivity

Exclusivity is a funny thing, since it can be applied to something that isn’t very big or spectacular, and make it feel big or spectacular. If someone hands you a pen and they say that it’s the only one of its kind in the entire world, doesn’t that pen become something much more than a pen? It becomes almost like a rare piece of treasure that only you have; it becomes special. The same idea applies to live streaming through Instagram Stories. Let’s say you start a live stream and you go on for about five minutes; not everyone in your audience is going to be able to tune in. For those that do catch you while you’re live, they will feel like they are part of something exclusive, since your broadcast is only happening here and now for the short five minutes.

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