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Spectacular is the founder and CEO of Adwizar

Upon turning after school candy sales into a $2,000 a week business at age 11, Spectacular Smith discovers he was an entrepreneur. That realization would take him first to the heights of popular music, and then to success as a business owner, label owner, author, and beyond.

A dancer since the third grade, Smith took his childhood love of performing into the rap group he formed with his brothers, Pretty Ricky.

His father was the manager of the group, and owner of an indie label. Spectacular contributed musically and also choreographed the group's explosive stage shows - performances that won them a deal with Atlantic Records. The group went on to huge worldwide success: filling an arena on the Scream IV tour, selling millions of singles and ringtones, and earning huge hits with "Grind With Me," & "Your Body," Music stardom was just the first stage of Spectacular Smith's career.

Intrigued by the business possibilities of social media, he turned Pretty Ricky’s Facebook page into his personal laboratory, testing out his theories behind social networks for a full year until he had a new, unbreakable system of gaining and monetizing followers. He then turned those ideas into Adwizar, the dominant social media brand in the urban music space.The company runs the Facebook pages of artists such as Bow Wow, Kevin Gates, Soulja Boy, Master P, Birdman, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and countless others.

Adwizar has now grown beyond urban music into dealing with major brands and corporations, athletes, merchandising deals, and more. The company was also featured on Forbes.com for its innovative methods and has no ceiling on its growth.

After conquering the worlds of music, social media, and publishing, the world is waiting to see what he does next.