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Monetize Your Social Media Channels

With over 8 years of experience building influential social media accounts, the founders of Adwizar have created a platform for partners to gain an engaged mass following, enabling them to use their social media outlets to generate residual income.


Each Artist or Brand is unique to its own demographic. We use detailed analytics to deliver solutions that are tailored to your fan base. Our Social Media Analysts diagnose your social media accounts and do extensive research on your brand which allows us to deliver the content your audience wants and needs. Once an algorithm is in place, we monetize and maximize advertising revenue.


You have the audience and we have the tools to monetize your audience with the best results. Adwizar understands that you’re busy running your brand and business, and that’s exactly what you should be doing; however, you may be missing opportunities to monetize amidst all the work you are tangled up in. Trust us to add the extra element which will in turn bring residual income to your brand and business. We will set up advertising and monetization opportunities which will enable you to run ads on various social networks, while also building your social media platforms.




Adwizar Has The Magic Wand. Our approach to monetization is always genuine, trustworthy, and will never hurt your brand.

Work With Top Advertisers: Work with brands and advertisers you love and fit your brand.

You’re in Control: You will always have full control over your deals and your social media accounts. You NEVER have to give up your rights to your social accounts.

Personal Team: A team you can always count on. You have your own team of monetizing wizards that you can contact.

Build: Adwizar’s special sauce. Apart from making your company residual income, we build your page. We use our distinguished building methods to ensure maximum reach, growth, and engagement. This ensures that your campaign is a success and keeps your page growing.


Adwizar’s powerful social media platform is an arsenal of marketing tools that are fit for your brand. CREATE viral content that will be engaging to your fan base. BUILD a super active audience with unique content for your brand. MONETIZE your followers with relevant content to maximize advertising revenue.

You will be able to choose from multiple monetization methods offered on our site, using as few or as many as you like.


  • Sponsored Posts: Monetize your content with sponsored posts. Connect with brands, advertisers, and publishers for sponsorship opportunities across your social media platforms.
  • Video Monetization: Monetize your videos on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Adwizar is integrated with top ad platforms, so it’s quick and easy to earn revenue. We are VAST and VPAID compliant to bring you the most monetization options and the highest possible CPMS at optimal rates.
  • Endorsement Deals: Upon joining discover many sponsorship opportunities for Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more from multiple brands.
  • Get Paid to Drive Traffic: Share branded content and earn money based on the performance of your post. Search through a directory of content, pick which resonate best with your audience, share it, and get paid for each click.
  • Earn Commission on E-commerce Sales: Share affiliate links for in-demand products and earn commission on each qualified product purchase. Search through merchant catalogs to find the right products, to share and track your performance and earnings.
  • Email Marketing: A fast and easy way to include purchase links in your email campaigns. Add links to iTunes, Amazon, and more. Track who clicks on the links with analytics.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Sign Up for Adwizar’s Affiliate program. Upon Joining Adwizar’s Affiliate program, you can start earning residual income for each new influencer you refer.


There is no doubt in our minds that you will gain what you’re looking for when partnering with Adwizar. Some of our greatest clients speak volumes to the success we’ve driven towards their personal brands and social media growth through all profitable channels. Get in touch with us today by filling out a form below or calling us at 1-800-661-5095. We look forward to hearing from you!