Adwizar Case Studies

Social Media Marketing for Growth & Gaining Followers

The digital world is more competitive than ever – and that means to succeed, you need cutting edge strategy and world-class execution. At Adwizar, our mission is to create and implement social media management & marketing campaigns for our clients that gain followers, boost revenue, and grow their businesses. Our team of social & search marketing experts are schooled on the latest tactics and strategies paid and earned media campaigns, and we take an integrative approach to designing comprehensive, cross-platform campaigns that create real growth for our clients.

But anyone can talk – the real proof is in the numbers. If you want to really see what we do at Adwizar, just take a look at our case studies.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Designed for Maximum ROI

We’re experts in using cutting-edge marketing campaigns to help our clients grow their followers and effectively monetize their brands – but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our real-world case studies to see how we’ve leveraged social media marketing to help our clients grow

Creative Influencer Marketing

  • JCPenney's Just Jingled account garnered over 200K impressions and 100 Million Video views within 30 days of it's campaign launch.
  • Campaign Engagement rate was at 10.5%
  • To promote #justjingled campaign Adwizar identified 50 influencers.

Build Social Media Technologies

  • Within a 2 month time span Adwizar generated 27.3 million video views.
  • Adwizar helped Athletic Courage reach skyrocket to 9 million!
  • Athletic Courage gained 35,000 active Facebook followers. 




Adwizar helped platinum recording Artist Pleasure P  grow their Facebook followers from 1.9 M likes to more than 4 million, monetizing the audience to generate over $225,000 in revenue – all within a single year-long time frame.

Gain Followers & Build Your Social Media Presence

These are just a small sample of the successful campaigns we’ve run to help clients gain Facebook followers, Instagram followers, and boost their followings on other social networks, all with a focus on monetization and creating real business value. Take a look at our clients page to see other examples of our past work, and if you’d like to see if you qualify to work with Adwizar, just fill out our online form. We look forward to helping you make meaningful gains in your business through strategic, innovative social media marketing.