Drive Growth, Revenue, and Lower Ad Spend

We truly understand the importance of developing a full-proof PPC campaign. We don’t cut any corners, every client will receive high-level strategized plan that targets customer profiles and hits goals without missing a mark. 



  • SEARCH NETWORK ADVERTISING: Makes sure your business is appearing in search engine results page queries. Campaigns are fine tuned to catch user’s attention to encourage to make an action.
  •  DISPLAY NETWORK ADVERTISING: Show your ads on sites that are relevant to the display network to catch customers, when looking for products related to yours. Targeting is tuned to ensure your ads appear on sites that match your customer's interest.
  •  CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION: Learn about your visitor's habits on your website. Data-driven insights on engagements, purchase journey, and conversion funnels.
  •  REMARKETING: Find out the conversion rate of your website. Find out why people don’t convert and recapture attention,  with a highly targeted message, image, rich media, or video ads.
  • ECOMMERCE: We streamline your e-commerce experience with direct sales analysis, conversion optimization, basket abandonment, reduction and direct database integration to deliver the most efficient sales possible.
  •  MOBILE ADVERTISING: Target mobile users, on their exact location, time of day, what they search for and what sites they visit.


High - Level Strategy  and Campaign goals

Identify strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

  • Anticipate trends seasonality, and changes in the industry.
  • Define goals based on budget, success metrics, and risk tolerance.
  • Competitor Analysis and Research
  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing
  • Keyword Research

Create New Revenue Opportunities

Find new opportunities to expand your campaign and create new revenue will emerge.

  • Built out a list of new keywords to capture relevant traffic
  • Make the campaigns user-friendly and highly segmented
  • Set up proper conversion tracking to make leads attributable

Optimize Keywords & Bids to Maximize results

  • Conversion & ROI Tracking Analysis.
  • Optimize bids to drive the highest quality traffic at lowest cost
  • Perform frequent search query analysis
  • Associate keywords with compelling calls to action

Research, Hypothesis, & Test

  • Identify the Best ads and why they are outperforming others
  • Evaluate landing page optimization opportunities