3 Ways Buying Fake Followers Will Ruin Your Music Career Before It Actually Even Begins

3 Ways Buying Fake Followers Will Ruin Your Music Career Before It Actually Even Begins

August 22, 2017

Fewer Real People Listening To Your Music

Musicians’ goals should be getting their music to reach as many people as possible. While this is true, you also need real listeners to share your music with their family and friends. Word of mouth is only possible with real followers. If you have a lot of fake followers, they can’t physically listen to your songs and that will reflect every time you post music because you will not have much follower engagement.

Major social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have algorithms that are set up to affect your content’s reach, so it is important to make sure your content is reaching followers who actually engage. To put this in perspective, imagine having 20,000 fans, but your content is only reaching 2,000 and out of that 2,000 followers, 60% are fake. That means your music is only being seen by 800 real fans, which ultimately affects the popularity of your music.

Reputation Damage

Let’s face it, it isn’t hard to notice if you have fake followers. If you have low engagement and thousands of followers something isn’t adding up right. The ratio matters because it exposes quality of followers. Record labels, venue managers, and A&R’s deal with many accounts on a daily basis. They review your social media before accepting meetings, especially if you are looking to book a gig. You can’t fool them.

Also, keep in mind that fake social media accounts are constantly being purged. In 2014, Instagram pulled millions of fake accounts. It discredited many musicians when 90% of their followers disappeared. Fake followers equate fake popularity, plain and simple.

Delay in Fan Growth

Say goodbye to the idea of your music “going viral” if no one is sharing it. There is no way to build your audience or engagement if your content is landing in front of fake accounts. The key to building awareness is engagement, which builds fans and followers. Your posts must generate buzz in order to build awareness. Fake followers cannot do this.

Alternative Opportunities For Fan Growth

One way to generate fan growth and combat damage done by fake followers is to network with an influencer. You’ll also want to choose an influencer with reach across various platforms because the range of followers will be greatest. This can include Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms. This will give you the most visibility possibility because your music and brand will reach other spheres.

Once you begin building an authentic niche following with an engaging audience, opportunities will flood in. You can be a micro-influencer with concrete fans, which leads to income generation. When you become a micro-influencer of 10,000 to 99,000 followers or a macro-influencer of millions of followers you can start to monetize your account.

Engagement is the number one metric that companies look for when determining if they will create a partnership. They want real, interactive followers that participate in your posts. This means there is a steady flow of likes, comments, and shares. Influencer Marketing is becoming the number one way to advertise and companies are noticing. This can be beneficial to you because it can help finance your career down the road.

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