5 Best Practices For Social Media Marketing During The Holidays

5 Best Practices For Social Media Marketing During The Holidays

January 12, 2018

5 Best Practices For Social Media Marketing During The Holidays

Social media is crucial for businesses, sales, and growth throughout the year, but especially during the holidays. It's important to take advantage of the buying mentality of the holidays and act accordingly. Sales spike during the months of November and December, it's a pivotal time of year. At Adwizar, we want to make sure you have planned your social media marketing specific for the holiday season to influence and increase sales. Your social media game can truly make or break the success of your marketing campaign; we want to ensure it's a success! Adwizar has 5 best practices for social media marketing and social media growth during the holidays. Try a few of these tips!

Promote Your Top Selling Products

During the holidays, you should promote your top selling products or services. These are your number one sellers. Bring more attention to these products. Think about your holiday marketing campaign: will you be offering deals or discounts? Display these promotions on social media! Attract your customers, make them need the product. Through productive and strategic social media activity, you can drive your customers and clients to purchase your top selling products. Remember, at Adwizar we always recommend planning and sticking to a consistent social media marketing plan. Throughout the holiday season, keep your promotional deals and discounts similar or the same. You do not want to create confusion around. Be consistent on all social media platforms, i.e. facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. If you stay consistent with your message, you will increase your influencer marketing and truly drive your customers to purchase more.

Present Products & Promotions Strategically & Specifically

Mirroring your consistent marketing, your social media plan for the holiday season should also be very strategic and specific. Create a plan for the holiday season: which products or deals will you be promoting and when. Your social media campaign should optimize customer awareness and sales, meaning you must have a clear, concise message and schedule for these products. You can also make your branding very fun this time of year! As long as it's consistent, your photos and products can be festive with holiday décor. With this, please make sure the marketing message is not lost among holiday pictures. Be fun and consistent!

Mobile Marketing

Every is glued to their smartphone today, which is a good thing for social media marketing. Always ensure that your content is mobile friendly, especially during the holiday season. At Adwizar, we want you to double and triple check your social media campaign on all your channels, ensuring every message is mobile phone compatible. Each message should look as attractive online on your computer as it does on your phone. Throughout the holidays, everyone is looking for specific gifts to buy, their internet time will increase during this search period. Also, customers will be contacting you directly through your social media sites, perhaps because of an advertising or a promotional deal. Make sure there is someone to answer them directly and quickly on your platforms. Mobile phone marketing should be targeted to drive interactions with your followers with each tweet, post, or share. Be effective!

Promote Charitable Acts & Give

The holidays are an excellent time to buy, but they are also a great time to give. About 90% of consumers have said that they would be more inclined to buy from or work with a company who gives back to specific foundations and organizations or will donate a percentage to a good cause. Your holiday charitable acts can be perfectly integrated into your social media marketing campaign; they go hand in hand. Throughout the holiday season you can promote your brand as a charitable organization and increase customer loyalty during the month of December which will continue far beyond that and into 2018.

Post Holiday Plan

Have a post holiday social media plan! Although much of your energy will be consumed by your holiday selling and marketing, make sure you have a plan set up in advance for after Christmas. Customers are still in an increased buying mood for the two weeks following the holidays. Promote strong social media content during this time to capitalize on sales. Do not fall off the map during this time period. As the holiday season comes to an end, this will also be your kick off to 2018. Your post holiday social media plan could include any new product changes for the coming year or a new strategy. Keep it fresh! This is the time to tweet, share, and promote; by doing so you will avoid the post holiday lull.

Consult Us!

The holiday season can be an absolute whirlwind. It is a fast paced time and you want to capitalize on each action. If you have questions or concerns about your social media content or influencer marketing, contact us at Adwizar. We want to ensure that your social media campaign is successful and bold this holiday season!