Five Social Media Tips for People in Music

Five Social Media Tips for People in Music

July 11, 2017

At Adwizar, with our social media strategy, we’re able to use content creators and influencers to help musicians gain more exposure and more followers for their social media accounts. Still, there are some very important rules that you’ll need to abide by if you’re going to have success on social media. We at Adwizar would like to provide you with some tips on social media for rappers and musicians.

Be Real

Some musicians outsource their social media profiles to third parties, which can often be a bad idea for a few reasons. Fans want to hear from the actual musician – they want someone who sounds genuine. Most fans are wise enough to realize that the person typing isn’t the person that they actually want to hear from – it’s just a social media stand-in. Unfortunately, the reason why it’s so apparent is because many of these stand-ins sound like robots and add nothing but dry, endless information to social media profiles. If you decide to outsource your social media profiles to us at Adwizar, we have the social media expertise to not only gain you followers, but we’ll have you sounding like an actual, genuine, human being as well!

Be Conversational

Continuing on the point of social media posting etiquette, you’ll want to post things that inspire responses and conversation. Instead of making all of your posts statements, try asking questions to keep your followers engaged. Ask what songs they want to hear and where they want to see you play at. Try to make it a two-way conversation, not a one-way.

Don’t Overdo the Social Media

This one isn’t so much of a tip for people in music as it is a tip for everyone in the modern-day world. A lot of people end up just being swamped by their social media usage. Trying to win over everyone on all the social media sites is an unwinnable battle. You’ll also be spreading yourself way too thin – you won’t have time for your music or virtually anything else.

Go After Your Target Audience

Instead of spending more time on social media, just use your social media time more wisely. Decide on the target audience that you’re aiming for and then spend the majority of your time focusing on that. If you’re targeting a younger audience, spend more time on Instagram – a huge percentage of those on Instagram are under 30, making it the perfect destination for musicians after the hearts of a younger crowd. If you’re looking for an older audience, you should use Facebook. Actually, you should probably use Facebook regardless – pretty much everyone uses Facebook!

Don’t Forget the Real World Too

Although sometimes it may not seem like it, there’s also a real world out there outside of the social media realm – and it’s actually not too bad of a place! You’ll occasionally want to take some time off social media and visit this often-forgotten land. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are exceedingly useful tools in getting you more exposure, don’t forget that local shows and concert venues are also a great way to spread your brand to new people.

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