How to Connect with Influencers & Grow

How to Connect with Influencers & Grow

January 19, 2018

How to Connect with Influencers & Grow

Influencer marketing is the hottest form of marketing right now – and it's becoming a necessity for anyone wanting to grow a brand online. Unfortunately, the influencer world is largely a black box. How do you reach out to influencers? What can you do to make it worth their while? Even more importantly, what should you ask for? At Adwizar, we've been running influencer marketing campaigns at every level of the industry for almost a decade. Here's how you can connect with influencers and grow your brand.

As a Brand

Generally, breaking into influencer marketing is easiest and most high-value for brands – particularly those that sell products. If you're a brand that wants to take advantage of influencer marketing, the first step is to create a list of influencers that align with your brand and are relevant for your niche in the market. This list may include media outlets, Instagram profiles, Facebook pages, Youtube channels, or Twitter accounts – any media property that you think your potential customers follow.

From there, reach out to them and ask if there's a way you can work together. You might offer to send them your product for free, do an unboxing video, or even ask for a shoutout on social media – there are no wrong answers. For larger influencers, you'll likely have to pay for these placements, but some smaller influencers may promote your business only in exchange for a free product.

As an Influencer

If you're trying to build a following as an influencer, it'll be a little harder. The key is to present influencers in your space with a proposal that adds value to them – sure, you want them to promote your brand, but what's in it for their side of the deal? Get creative when thinking of ideas here: you might offer to create content for them, offer them exclusive access to something, or cross-promote if your fan bases are similar in size. Again, the key is to reach out with a proposal that clearly provides value for them. If you can offer them something that provides more value than the effort they have to put into it, your chances will be much improved.

Contact Your Social Media Marketing Experts

If you truly want to use influencer marketing to jumpstart your brand, however, nothing beats professional help. With years of experience in the influencer marketing space, we've orchestrated deals ranging from small influencers and brands to massive influencer marketing projects. Fill out our easy online form to see if you qualify today. We'll work with you to create a detailed influencer campaign and help you take your brand to the next level.