How To Curate Your Instagram Page Like A Pro

How To Curate Your Instagram Page Like A Pro

February 19, 2018

How To Curate Your Instagram Page Like A Pro

At the core, posting on Instagram and maintaining your profile is pretty simple; picking some good looking pictures, adding an engaging description with some hashtags and you’re all set. However, if you really want to step your Instagram game up to be more like the Instagram pros and elite out there, you’re going to put a bit more time, effort, and thought into how you manage your profile and what you post. To help you out with that, Adwizar is here with some tips on how to curate your Instagram like a true pro.

Keep A Consistent Theme

Most of us think about our posts on Instagram one at a time, but if you really want to stand out to those who follow you and those who are just checking out your profile for the first time, you’re going to need to start looking at the bigger picture. Having a theme to your posts may not be intuitive at first, but an easy way to get into it is to start thinking of your posts in chunks, or even as small pieces of a much larger puzzle. As a brand or business, it can sometimes be difficult at first, since you may be trying a whole bunch of different types of posts to see what’s most effective, but instead try picking something that you best identify with your brand and has some moderate success as a foundation.

For an example of a theme, let’s pretend we’re a big brand for a flavored sports drink, and for fun let’s call it Adwizade. For all of our posts, we try to get a high quality shot of the drink bottle in some sort of athletic setting, whether that’s on a soccer field, next to a basketball, or standing at the top of a pile of hockey pucks. Either way, all of the pictures that we post follow that same theme, maybe with a different setting or a different flavor of the drink itself, but they’re all related.  We can even launch a new product with the same kind of picture, but just tweaking the description to match what we’re going for. Once you lock onto a theme, your audience that does subscribe to you from then on know what kind of content they’re signing on for, instead of an eclectic collection of whatever you felt like posting today.

Get Creative With Colors & Layouts

People love patterns, whether that’s on clothing, wallpaper, or the ground that they’re walking on. Patterns and colors are pleasing to the eye, and you can take advantage of this fact to draw in more followers with the right arrangement on your profile. When you look at your Instagram profile, you see a tiled view of the last several posts that you made in a grid, with all the images lining up next to each other. This is often something that ends up being your first impression on someone who is viewing your profile for the first time, so don’t you want to catch their attention? Imaging seeing the same grid as you have now, but instead in each line of images all matched in their color. One row of pictures with green, the next with blue, and the next with purple, creating a beautiful pattern that literally takes your individual posts and turns them into a bigger picture.

Take Time For The Perfect Picture

The process of posting a picture can sometimes be too easy, with the ability to snap a phono and make it public in a matter of seconds. However, the difference with between the average user and the Instagram pros is that they take the time to fine tune their images into mini masterpieces. Carefully selecting filters, finding good light, the right angles and more, all make for that better-than-the-average photo. If you want to improve on the quality of content that you’re posting, try putting a little bit more time and effort into what you post, making minor touch ups, experimenting with different filters, or taking multiple shots to see if you can find that perfect angle.

Learn More With The Instagram Experts!

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