How To Hack Social Media

How To Hack Social Media

October 02, 2017

Adwizar is rapidly growing multiple accounts and people notice. One common question we get is how we grow our accounts with such speed. Although there are many techniques we use to achieve this, we also share a simple growth hack you can use.

The Simplest And Greatest Social Media Growth Tip

When people think about growth hacks, most people think of fancy software or bots. Although those can assist, that shouldn’t be your main focus. You need to become a LEADER in your field. Your followers need you to lead, and they will do what they do best - follow, support, and back your growth. The greatest social media hack of all time is incorporating leadership into your content by showing and telling people exactly what you want them to do.

How Do You Lead?

You become a leader by paving the way and showing people the way. You have to show people what you want them to do, and make sure they understand.

More than ever, people like being told what to do. How do you tell people what you want them to do? That is the great question. Use call-to-actions. For example, including a caption in your post that says “tag someone that would like to see this” or “comment what you think.” The possibilities for this type of strategy are endless. This brings a huge increase in engagement to your social media account. Create a dialogue for your followers to get the discussion going.

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