How to Use Social Networking Sites to Market Yourself

How to Use Social Networking Sites to Market Yourself

July 25, 2017

Social media rules the modern digital world – and whether you're growing your business as an artist, an influencer, or a brand, you need to incorporate social media marketing into your growth strategy. While there are hundreds of social media platforms, only a few dominate the space and can provide the highest leverage for your marketing. At Adwizar, we're experts in social media management across all platforms – so here are our top tips for building your brand on social networking sites.

Facebook: The Mother of All Social Networking Sites

Facebook won the earliest wars between the social media platforms, and they're supremacy has only grown: today, Facebook has over 2 billion users. That means Facebook gives you an unparalleled reach to grow an audience, but it also means it's crowded. Facebook's ranking algorithm makes it very difficult to generate organic reach without any ad spend, so it's not always ideal for growing a fanbase from scratch. However, the demographic targeting options that Facebook Ads offer make it ideal for boost e-commerce revenue or engaging with your followers. All that said, Facebook is the monolith of social media, and no matter who you are, you need a presence on Facebook.

Instagram: E-Commerce's New Haven

Instagram's new sponsored posts make it a dream come true for e-commerce retailers. Because Instagram is built around captivating images, any e-commerce retailer with a strong content creation team that can generate gorgeous images that show off the brand's products can find major success in boosting sales on Instagram. Flash sales, well-researched hashtagging, and brilliantly captivating images are all great strategies for boosting sales with Instagram.

LinkedIn: Be the Boss

LinkedIn is a little unconventional in terms of social networks, as it's geared purely towards professionals and networking. Accordingly, it's better suited to brands or influencers focused on giving entrepreneurial advice or working in the self-improvement space. Because LinkedIn gives you the capability to create and share articles, it makes an excellent platform for those trying to grow readership on an entrepreneurship, small business, or self-improvement-focused blog.

YouTube: Kingdom of the Artist

For music artists or filmmakers looking to get their name out there, YouTube is an incredibly powerful tool. While the space is crowded – almost 50 years of video content is uploaded to YouTube every single day – it's still possible to cut through the noise and create serious buzz around an artist or a brand. With YouTube, the content truly is king, which means that even if you're a music artist, you need a compelling, unique, and creative video. Part of the power of YouTube is that it can also act as a gateway to other networks: if you achieve success on YouTube, you can transfer that over to Facebook or Instagram by uploading the same pieces of content.

Twitter: Ideal for Growth

If you're starting from scratch, Twitter can be one of the best tools available to you. Because tweets are inherently so short, it's possible to create a high volume of engaging tweets in a short period of time, then use a social media scheduling service or a social media management agency to help you schedule out the tweets over time. By leveraging current events and trending topics along with witty, engaging content, you can use Twitter to build a massive online audience from scratch.

Gain Followers for Your Social Media Influencer Empire

Of course, if you really want to make the most of social media marketing, nothing beats the help of the professionals. At Adwizar, we've worked with some of the largest influencers and artists in the world, helping them grow their followings and monetize their audiences through collaboration with the world's best brands. Contact us today to see if you qualify for our comprehensive social media management service and let's take your brand to the next level.