Make Your Profile Stand Out In Instagram Traffic

Make Your Profile Stand Out In Instagram Traffic

September 19, 2017

Your Username Is Your Identity

The most important part of every social media marketing plan is the username. This stands true across every social media channel, including Facebook and Twitter. It is the first impression potential followers have of you. Make it count!

If you already have a username you love, that’s ok - you can skip this part. If you are willing to rebrand, read ahead:

  1. Choose a catchy name. It should explain what you are about or what you do. Find what will attract your audience with your name. For example, TheShadeRoom and GirlwithNojob are appealing names that generate automatic interest.
  2. Use Your Real Name. If your brand name is too long or you can’t seem to communicate what you want, you can use your real name.

Here are three popular variations of real names:

  • (FirstNameLastName)—SpectacularSmith
  • (FirstName.LastName)—Spectacular.Smith
  • (TheFirstNameLastName)—TheSpectacularSmith

One of the most common mistakes that Instagram users make when selecting a username is choosing one that does not match their brand or what they do. Let’s say your target is working moms and your username is queen87. This username does not demonstrate the brand’s intentions or target audience. Remember, you want to attract followers and your username is an easy way to grab their attention!

Add Extra Value To Your Name

We aren’t talking extra fries here. We are talking about your real name and how you should add two descriptive words before your name. For example, let’s say you have a blog for moms and you want other mothers who might want to read it to follow you. So in front of your real name you would put Mom Blogger (Insert your real name here). This adds a very nice targeting process, you are able to engage with moms who want to read blogs. This plays a huge role in getting people to follow you back. People usually always check who followed them frequently.

Extra value is also added because your name stands out more to people and makes an instant psychological connection with the people who see your profile in their followers feed.

Two Common Username Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Using Your Username as Your Name: This only works when the Instagram account is a major brand pulling $10 million in yearly revenue, such as Starbucks and other big corporations. 
  2. Using Only Your First Name As Your Full Name: Using your first and last name instantly makes you convey trust between you and potential followers. If you only use your first name, the account may seem untrustworthy. Below are some examples on how to use descriptive words paired with a name.
  • Mom Blogger Julie West
  • Podcast Host Kevin Hong
  • Digital Analyst Jane Doe
  • Creative Photographer Annette Jones

Remember if you can’t think of any good descriptive words, you can just use your name by itself.

Your Profile Image Is The Virtual You

As we said before, the first impression matters. Think of your profile image as your physical first impression. Optimize your photo so that it is inviting and friendly. A simple picture of you smiling is sufficient! Here are some other tips you can use:

  • Smile big 
  • Show your teeth when you smile
  • Dress nicely for your photos
  • Use brightly lit photos

Your Instagram Bio Explains Your Account

Take Advantage of Every Word Allowed in Your Bio

Instagram allows up to 150 characters in your bio, and you want to make sure every character counts and makes an impact. The bio should also depend on what your goals are. For example, if you want to drive traffic to your website, you might want to put something that entices the visitor to click the link in your bio. Different goals, such as simply getting people to follow, allow you to say things like follow for a shoutout or follow to see our daily content.

Optimize Your Link

Remember that Instagram is intended for mobile phones so most of your audience will be on a mobile phone or tablet. It is essential to make sure your link looks good in this format. We suggest shortening your link with Bitly if your link takes up too much space.

Target Followers

Quality over quantity has never applied more to anything than Instagram. The majority of Instagramming mistakes is to focus on the number of followers. A large number is impressive, however, it it is important to target people who will be interested in your niche. Follow this advice to optimize your follower targeting:

1. Identify accounts with a similar audience of yours
You can achieve this by searching hashtags that are relevant to your account

2. Follow the right people
The people who fit with your brand will enjoy what you post

3. Follow real people
Make sure you are following real people. Thi means the user has a legitimate profile photo and are active. Also, limit the amount of brands you follow, as these accounts rarely engage with other accounts.

4. Follow new followers
Follow some of your new followers, these kind of followers will give you your biggest return because they are active at the moment

5. Understand the following limits
You never want to do something that does not abide by Instagram’s rule, so make sure you don’t exceed the daily follow limit. To avoid this you can stagger your following along the week. Also, you can unfollow people who did not follow you back

6. Set up multiple Instagram accounts
You can have multiple Instagram accounts, this is beneficial because you always want a backup page

Additional Apps To Help Excel On Instagram

In order to stand above the rest, your content must be impeccable. Download a photo editor to make professional edits to your photos. Some apps we recommend are: VSCO Cam and Afterlight.
Make sure to pick only the best photos for your account!

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