Tap Into The Ever-Increasing Power Of Influencer Marketing

Tap Into The Ever-Increasing Power Of Influencer Marketing

September 27, 2017

In the digital age, traditional marketing strategies have taken a backseat to the rise of influencers. Individuals or groups who have a strong following and visibility, especially on social media, are being sought after by companies to market their products by word-of-mouth. Needless to say, these mouths hold considerable sway over their followers, and the remarkable results point to the effectiveness of utilizing these influencers.

Our goal at Adwizar is to partner brands with the perfect influencer and develop an effective social media marketing strategy. We believe that tapping into influencer marketing is an opportunity you can’t miss out on, so here are a few reasons why you should join the movement.

Build Valuable Trust

Companies can use all the marketing jargon they want to tell you how great they are, but that’s meaningless to potential buyers. That’s especially true among millennials, who value authenticity and relevancy, and hate ads.

Recommendations by word of mouth and referrals remain the most effective means of gaining brand legitimacy, and to their followers, influencers are some of the loudest, most trustworthy, and seemingly least-biased mouths out there. The influencer seems like a neutral third party who is actually enjoying a product, and not trying to sell you one.

Millennials Trust Influencers

Millennials Trust InfluencersSpeaking of millennials, they are the single largest demographic who consume online and digital content, which is understandable since they have grown up on technology and social media. Millennials are also largely distrustful of standard advertising, especially when ads disrupt their consuming of content. That’s not good, especially since trust is essential to successfully converting a customer.

Consequently, companies and brands are turning to the content creators themselves, many of whom are influencers, to reach millennial audiences. The influencer is usually someone with a strong Internet presence and following, and they could include celebrities, trendsetters, activists, entertainers, and more. Having a trustworthy influencer speak directly to their followers about your brand or product is one of the most valuable methods of reaching an audience.

Influencers Are The Perfect Partners

Adwizar’s platform includes some of the top influencers, artists, celebrities, and brands. By looking at your brand’s demographics, contextual, and psychographic data, we can identify and recruit the best influencers that are unique to your campaign. An influencer will act as an ambassador to your target audience, and once we’ve selected the best match, we will begin to create a content plan and social media marketing campaign tailored to your brand.

Data Talks Across The Spectrum

Influencer marketing has consistently delivered a better conversion rate than traditional brand promotions. An influencer promoting a product has shown to result in anywhere from three to ten times more sales than traditional promotions. The numbers have held across different industries, especially in the food, parenting, and lifestyle industries.

Join the Race

Many companies are already involved in influencer marketing, and it’s suggested that nearly two-thirds of brands have already placing their bets with influencers. Adwizar is a social media agency with over eight years of experience in managing campaigns that involve some of the world’s biggest influences, celebrities, companies and brands. Our team of experts will help you reach your brand’s goals by finding the best influencer for you. If you are ready to grow, please fill out this form to see if you qualify. We are excited to begin a successful partnership with you!