The Biggest Mistakes You're Making When Managing Social Media Accounts

The Biggest Mistakes You're Making When Managing Social Media Accounts

September 12, 2017

The social media space is more competitive than it ever has been, and that means success takes careful strategy and flawless execution. As the market evolves, the social media marketing techniques that really work continue to change with it – and it's easy to lose track of what's truly effective. Even marketers with an otherwise solid understanding of social media marketing can fall behind – and often, there are just a few crucial mistakes that can destroy your social media management efforts. Wondering what they are? Here are a few of the biggest mistakes in managing social accounts.

Fake Followers

This is a common mistake for people who want to build a large following quickly, but it's one that will hamper your social media presence for years to come. There are plenty of “agencies” out there that promise to provide thousands of new followers for a seemingly small fee – but don't be fooled. Those followers are not organic, instead coming from click farms halfway across the world. Far from "boosting your follower count," these fake followers will never engage with your posts or provide any real value – instead, they'll harm your engagement rates and prevent your real followers from ever seeing your content. The only way to meaningfully grow your social media followers is through strategy, hard work, and execution.

Blind Spending

Paid social media marketing can be an incredibly effective tactic – if used wisely. All too often, however, brands will just throw money at the problem, spending inordinate sums of money on campaigns that fail to reach their target demographic and generate virtually no ROI. Paid social marketing should always be a part of your strategy, but it should be just that – a part, not all, of your strategy. Use paid social ads intelligently, focusing on targeting your key demographics instead of just throwing money at a wall.

Automated Cross Posting

Social media management programs that let you post a piece of content to one social account and automatically syndicate it to your other social profiles seem like a time-saver, but in reality they hurt your engagement. That's because each social media platform – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other – has its own unique ecosystem. Different types of posts and content work differently on each network, and automatic cross posting is an easy way to lose ROI on your content. Instead, optimize each post specifically for that network – this strategy lets you make the most out of your content and grow your followers effectively on each account.

Contact Adwizar for Professional Social Media Management

These are just a few of the common mistakes people make when managing social media accounts – and if you want to protect yourself from these and many more, you need a professional social media agency. At Adwizar, we've helped some of the largest brands in the world grow their followers and build their brand across all their social platforms, generating long-term ROI and truly boosting business. Find out if you qualify to work with us today – we'll help you create engaging content for each of your social accounts, manage your social media presence effectively, and grow your followers in the long term.