Top Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

Top Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

September 22, 2017

Facebook marketing tips are everywhere, and they are endless. Adwizar has developed a simple list for you to boost your business. We compiled the best tips, so that you can focus on your business instead of figuring out which growth hacks to use.

The Steps You Need To Follow To Boost Your Business

  • Use Facebook’s Post targeting to reach a group that will be more likely to interact and respond to your content (based on the time you’re posting your content)
  • Share Fan-Created content and tag/mention the fan who created it
  • Stick with the 80:20 rule - 80% fun content, informative, something that will scratch your audience’s itch. Only 20% or less promotional. You don’t want to sell on Facebook, but to introduce your brand and to get people to think about your brand.
  • Include the best high quality photos and follow Facebook Guidelines
  • Treat your fans to social media-exclusive coupons or discounts 
  • Include a call-to-action in your posts, like ”Click below to learn more!”
  • Tap into what people are thinking about holidays or what’s trending on Google Trends
  • Use Videos if you have the resources. Videos get more views and more engagement!
  • Keep posts short and simple. Post with less than 250 characters have shown to get about 60% engagement
  • Try “fill-in-the-blank” posts. Caption photos with “remember when,” “what do you think?” or “do you agree?”
  • Give fans a behind-the-scenes peek at your business

Cross Promote on Facebook and Instagram

  • Images posted to Facebook from Instagram receive greater organic reach than Facebook originals. 
  • Upload videos to Facebook directly rather than embedding a Youtube Video.

Generate Leads or Subscribers From Facebook

Instead of sending people off-platform with links in a Post, drive them to a Tab with your form, Facebook contest page, or embedded landing page. You will get a higher conversion rate with this direct strategy and it will keep the visitor on your page for longer.

Things to “Tab” on Facebook:

  • Contests and Promotions 
  • Event and Pages 
  • Calendars/Schedules
  • Pricing or Plans Pages
  • Newsletter Subscriptions 
  • Pinterest/Instagram Feeds

Use Geographic Targeting When Posting

Experiment targeting at different times. Let’s say you discovered that posting at 9am EST gets you the highest engagement (best practices say 9am, 1pm and 3pm). The problem is that posting at 9am EST means your PST Fans are still asleep. Post three times and Geographically Target.

*Note: Visitors to your Facebook Page would see these Posts right on top of each other, so be sure to click “hide from timeline” for a couple of them.

Be Active In The Comment Section

Be a conversation starter. As the presenter and host of the post, you should initiate conversation. More often than now, people need a push. Commenting with a question on your own post can give them that extra boost they need to comment back.

Optimize Your Facebook Page for Search

This tip is a great one that you can use as it is often unheard of. More and more people are searching for business on Facebook, so you need to optimize your page for the search.

Even if you aren’t focused on engagement, growing or acquiring followers your Facebook page is still very valuable. Your Facebook Page is an incredibly valuable resource for people looking to find your address, contact information, or what you do, so it is important to make it findable.

Facebook SEO Best Practices

  • Ensure your business’ relevant keywords are included in your Facebook Page information with a high density. 
  • Include a link to your website within the first 75 characters of your page info.
  • Ensure your Posts include relevant keywords related to your business.
  • Engagement is also beneficial to your page when it comes to Facebook SEO. Encourage commenting, sharing and liking as frequently as possible.

Learn more about Facebook's Algorithm here.

Increase Video Completion Rates

Add your script in large font around your head, or in the beginning of the video. Remember: Facebook videos don’t play with sound automatically. So a big component of getting people to watch is helping them understand what your video’s about in the first place. This large font will get your topic across even when the video is muted!

Add a countdown timer to clearly show how long your video is. People like to know what they are committing to. They also feel inspired to finish what they’ve started; a countdown timer gives them the feeling of having started something.

DO NOT Ask For Likes, Comments or Shares

Instead of explicitly requesting likes, comments or shares, use a caption this: “Like this post if you like cake, share if you like pie!” Find a way to “reveal” something within your video- a new product, a new campaign, a new employee. Do so only after the halfway point since Facebook considers your video “compelling” if people watch past the half point.

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We hope you use these tips to boost your business. Adwizar specializes in social media growth and we would love to create a partnership with you. We use proven methods and our award winning Growth X Technology gets the results you’ve been waiting for. Contact us today if you’d like to partner up with us or if you’re just interested in learning more. We hope to hear from you soon!