Ways To Gain Authentic Fans

Ways To Gain Authentic Fans

February 02, 2018

How To Gain Authentic Fans & Followers

Transforming Your Profiles Into Audience Magnets

Success on social media is often measured in things such as likes, fans, or followers, and for good reason. Those with the most fans have the most influence at their fingertips. When a simple post about a new product is met with thousands or sometimes millions of ears and eyes that were waiting anxiously for it, we see how those follower numbers can be tied to success.  

While the never ending race to get more followers has pushed some brands to extremes, paying shady companies to manufacture likes for an inflated image, the real treasure lies within the authentic followers and fans that you gain. It may take more time to get that follow, like, or subscription from a member of your target audience, but building up your social media presence naturally is what has the potential to take you and your brand to new heights.

So how do you get more authentic followers naturally? Well that’s what your friends at Adwizar are here to help you with today! As experts in social media growth, we’ve helped countless businesses grab the attention of their target audience and start building a brand that has a strong base of followers. Below, we’re going to share some of the best strategies for gaining those ever-elusive authentic fans.

Create Shareable Content Catered To Your Audience

Content is the at the very core of any social media profile, as it’s always front and center whenever you log in from your Facebook news feed or the latest batch of pictures on Instagram from everyone you follow. If you boil social media down to it’s most basic parts, content would be #1 and social interaction would be #2, which is also represented visually on any platform; content first and comments underneath.  

Creating good content that your audience enjoys and connects with is social media 101 for any brand or business looking to establish a presence on social media, but having a post that elicits emotions won’t necessarily grant you additional followers and fans.  While it’s possible that others who find your content entertaining can naturally draw people in, you would still be missing out on one of the most powerful weapons at your disposal: your audience network. The average Facebook user has about 155 friends, and the average Twitter user has 707 followers, all of which you can reach with your content if that one user shares your content. That’s why when you create your content, do your best to focus on making something that’s shareable. What this means for your audience will vary, since every group may have a different type of post that they enjoy sharing with their personal network.

Interact With Your Audience

As we mentioned earlier, the top two things that people are on social media for in the first place is content and social interaction.  While many of your followers may be perfectly content with interacting with each other in the comments, remember they are following you because they enjoy your content or are connected with your brand. By interacting with those who follow you, you’re further enhancing their social experience and fostering a deeper connection.

So how does this get you new followers? Well, people are very fond of the idea of following people, brands, and businesses that interact with their audience since it’s more fun, so people will actually be more attracted to and sometimes seek out profiles that do just that. Just think about it. Would you be more likely to follow a comment on a post for your favorite musician if they never interacted with their audience, or if they respond to comments and participate in discussions with their fans on a regular basis?  What social experience do you think would be better?  Participating with your audience will make you and your brand more approachable, and being approachable is usually more likely to get that follow or like you’re searching for.

Cross-Platform & In-Person Promotion

Did you know that your typical internet user has over 7 social media accounts on various platforms? That means that every follower on Twitter or fan on Facebook could be potential followers for your Instagram, YouTube, and other social profiles.  The key strategy here is to use your channels to promote the others. It’s possible that some of your followers don’t even know that you have other social media accounts, even though they would follow you in a heartbeat.  By linking to your other profiles, your users now have the ability to either absorb more of your content, or choose their preferred platform, giving them a more personalized experience. This is similar for new followers that you may attract as well. Maybe someone doesn’t enjoy using Instagram as much as Facebook, finding a link to your Facebook page on your Instagram profile will allow them to go to their platform of choice and follow you on there.  Also, make sure you leverage your website and include social links and social sharing buttons to maximize the opportunities for sharing content and building a more widespread following across platforms.

In-person promotion is another strategy that can often go underutilized. If your business has the benefit of person-to-person interactions with your customers or clients, take the opportunity to let them know about your social profiles and what kind of content they can find there. If they’re interested, they may just be that new fan or follower that you were hoping for.  While it may not be as seamless a online cross-promotion, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Follow Related Business Or Brands

Think about your target audience and what other businesses or brands they might flock to on social media. Once you narrow things down to some key players, start following their social pages. Not only will you now have the opportunity to interact with other brands in your vertical, but you will also be able to directly interact with member of your target audience through the content that the other brands post. This exposure makes it more likely for users to come across your brand, check out your profiles, and start increasing your own follower count as well.  In some cases, brands can even interact with each other, promoting each other’s content for mutual benefit, so if you can set yourself up with a partner you’ll be better off.

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