Why Not To Buy Your Followers

Why Not To Buy Your Followers

August 08, 2017

The Social Media Dilemma For The Modern Brand

Every brand out there, small or big, wants one thing on social media: more followers. Even by different names like “likes” or “subscribers”, it’s all the same; brands are looking for an audience that are connected to their brand that they can engage with on social media so they can stay customers, ideally for a lifetime.  Why is having more followers so important? Because there’s a perceived correlation between both the size and quality of the brand with the amount of followers that it has on social media.  

Compare the Facebook page of the Apple brand, which currently has over 6.8 million likes, and a small local business page that maybe has a couple hundred.  You can assume that Apple has a bit of a better reputation since it’s so well known, and well liked.  But what if that local business all of the sudden had 2 million likes instead of it’s couple hundred? You could think that maybe it was doing pretty well as business wouldn’t you?  There is where the issue of buying followers comes in.

What Does It Mean To Buy Followers?

There are many companies out there that claim to grow a business’ social media presence, but in reality use shady methods to artificially inflate those follower numbers, and it’s all for a price of course. The typical techniques are either Mass Follow Campaigns, where they follow a large number of people and wait for follow backs, or Zombie Accounts, where they use thousands of fake “dummy” account to manually follow the account.

For the companies that are paying for these services, some can be tricked into this scheme, while others are fully aware of what kind of followers they are paying for. Either way, if you value your brand, you should avoid buying your followers at all costs.

Why Is Buying Followers A Bad Thing?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy your followers, but here are some of the main reasons:

Sacrificing Your Brand Reputation

In many cases, it’s very easy for people to see if a company’s follower numbers have been inflated, and in the eyes of the other users, they see a brand that’s trying to appear as something that they’re not; bigger than they really are.  They see a brand that’s willing to cut corners to achieve something without actually working for it, so what good can that possibly convey to these potential customers about your products or services?

No Real Substance To Your New Followers

When you think about why anyone would really want more followers, it’s because they want more people to be engaging with their brand and their business, but with all of those fake followers, there’s no one that you’re going to be able to actually engage with your content, so you’re not actually accomplishing the goal you set out to reach in the first place.

Think about things in terms of an engagement rate of your audience: Would you rather have 200 followers with 100 that engage with your posts, or 10,000 followers with 100 that engage with your posts.  That’s either a 50% engagement rate, or a 1% rate.  If you choose to gain followers naturally, you are more likely to keep that engagement rate, meaning that if you work hard for that 10,000 follower count, you may have 5,000 people interacting with you instead.

How To Get More Followers Naturally

When it comes down to it, what people want to see on social media is things that they’re interested in. All you have to do is post engaging, interesting content about your brand, and if someone interested, you’ll find yourself with a new follower.  Stay true to what you want your brand to represent, and make sure to post regularly to keep your audience engaged. This may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but it’s all worth it.  The good news is that Adwizar is here for you, as your social media experts that can help grow your business’ presence on social media completely organically. No spam bots, no zombie accounts, just real people managing your social media accounts with social media posts, audience interaction, and more.  

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